Eloping on Waiheke Island

Technically the definition of eloping is ‘running away’, but in wedding speak it means getting married without having anyone else at your wedding.

We eloped on Waiheke Island

It’s just the two of you.

Celebrating love on Waiheke Island

Photo credit: wildfolk photography. Styling by My Waiheke

Often couples who choose to elope will have told their families of their plans before the ceremony or just after the ceremony for that extra surprise! Sometimes couples will invite a couple of close friends to share the special occasion with.

What is essential is obtaining a marriage licence, securing the services of a registered marriage celebrant and having two witnesses.

I’ve been chatting with Sophia Hoadley who is the creative director of My Waiheke Weddings – a specialised wedding company on Waiheke Island, that amongst the other services they offer, also helps plan and carry off stunning elopements.

“Everyone wants to have an amazing experience and to create beautiful memories of their marriage union.  And that’s where we can help with finding that stunning location on Waiheke Island to get married, whether it’s a vineyard or on the beach.  We can find you a photographer to capture those special images and we also provide the styling and special touches such as flowers and a bottle of bubbly to celebrate your union at the end of the ceremony”.

Stunning stylish beach elopement ceremony on Waiheke Island

Photo credit: wildfolk photography. Styling by My Waiheke

Photo credit: wildfolk photography. Styling by My Waiheke


Benefits of eloping

For many couples – just making their wedding about the two of them is a perfect solution for;

  • Not having the dilemma about who gets included on the guest list
  • Not having to find a ‘wow’ factor venue to match the budget
  • Not having to spend a fortune on a wedding
  • Not having the stress about logistics – outsource the ‘tough stuff’
  • Not having to get passports to travel to tropical beach locations.


Some variations for eloping

If you and your fiance decide that eloping is the right option for you, consider these variations that might avoid some of the pitfalls of eloping;

Have a ceremony that’s just the two of you but throw a reception afterwards for all your family and friends.

Hire a professional photographer then send out great pictures of the event with your wedding announcement.

Invite your parents and best friends to come with you – the small group can go out for a celebratory dinner afterward.

Elope now…but make plans to have a blowout ten year anniversary party. You might even include a cheeky note with your wedding announcements saying something like “Our wedding day was just the two of us, but we hope you’ll come and celebrate when we make it to ten years on June 24, 2030!”.

Secluded beach location for an elopement on Waiheke Island

Photo credit: Peter Rees

If you want to enquire about my celebrant services – Helen Oakes Celebrant Services, for your elopement ceremony, then call me on 0274455636.

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