Destination weddings on Waiheke Island

Why you should select Waiheke Island as your Destination Wedding location?

Waiheke Island has been a destination of choice for many couples for their special wedding ceremony, including those couples who have jetted in from further afield to those who also have Waiheke Island in their backyard.

Destination weddings are certainly growing in popularity. Although there’s still a lot of couples going down the conventional path of getting married in a church, followed by a reception at a wedding venue…there’s no denying that destination weddings are gaining popularity for couples looking to tie the knot.

Waiheke Island punches above its weight for its wide-ranging options of stunningly amazing wedding venues and clever wedding suppliers that can all contribute to offering one of the best options for an Island Destination Wedding, without the need for a passport (for kiwis!).



Photo credit: Mudbrick wedding captured by Pausefilmsandphoto

Here’s some benefits of a destination wedding on Waiheke Island;

  • Waiheke Island is just a short 40 minute commute from Auckland city and a slightly longer 60 minute trip on the car ferry.
  • Waiheke Island offers stunning scenery including white sand beaches, vineyards and olive groves.
  • There are a number of stunning venues that can be selected according to your budget or your desire for something a little different and offbeat.
  • There’s a really big range of wedding suppliers on Waiheke Island that are experienced, creative and passionate about sharing their crafts – so there’s no need to bring any suppliers over from the mainland (adding more cost and logistics). Getting the services of a Waiheke Island based wedding planner also takes a lot of the stress out of organising a destination wedding. Many of the larger wedding venues also offer this service to wedding couples.
  • Accomodation on offer ranges from boutique hotels to holiday batches.

Photo credit: Bridal party at a Waiheke Island destination wedding captured by Pausefilmsand photo

Other advantages of having a destination wedding includes…

Having your guests feeling more connected and having the time to get to know each other better in the surrounding days, and to bond.  That’s your family and friends becoming one, and that’s one huge advantage!

You can also have more than one party! With more nights together, you can have a dress up party, rehearsal dinner, charades night, girl’s hen party etc.

You and your guests get to celebrate together and then you all have some time to holiday and chill either after or before your wedding ceremony.

It’s also worth noting that there are some cons of having a destination wedding, including that not everyone will be able to make it (due to budget, child constraints etc). You also might need to finalise some of the details much sooner, giving your guests advance notice to book flights and accommodation.

If you want a child free wedding, you might need to organise a sitter to look after all the kids, (or offer bribes to the grandparents or uncles or aunties).

Sometimes…it’s just about the two of you. So a destination wedding can give you the best of both worlds. You get to get married and to have a short holiday break – all in one!

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